Thunder's personal website

Welcome to my page, my name is Augmented Thunder. I am a furry cyborg dragon who enjoys gaming, making websites, and running my YouTube channel. Feel free to join my Discord server to come chat with me and many others.

My projects

I have several website projects I have worked on over the years, my most famous being, which is a forum for people to report scammers and share useful information. At one point, SimilarWeb reported this forum as being around the top 16,500 website in the world. I have been maintaining and moderating this website since December 2016.

I purchased the domain in early 2022. Since then, I have installed MediaWiki and turned it into a useful website for sharing information. Anyone is free to create a page about whatever they’d like, as long as it doesn’t violate the law, isn’t spam, or distasteful.

Spam Logger is a similar website to, but instead focuses on reporting and exposing spammers of any kind on a public forum. It is still in its infancy, but I’m hoping it can gain some popularity soon.

Analytically is my personal web analytics software used across all of my websites. This ensures less tracking of my website visitors by big tech companies, as only I can view the tracking data. Anyone can sign up and use it if they’d like.

Upload Clip is my personal video site, which I mostly use to share clips of online games I play, such as Overwatch. Anyone can sign up and start uploading, but there is a limit of 10GB per user.

Vigilante is now a defunct website in need of an upgrade. I plan on upgrading and switching servers soon. Vigilante was a private social media where users could make their own private groups and share information about criminals they are tracking.

Name Enterprise is my domain reselling business, which I officially started in 2023 but have been collecting and selling domains since 2016. I don’t have a huge amount of domains, but I do like to collect domains which look appealing to me. Feel free to take a look and see if there’s a domain you like.

Ask Questions is a Q&A platform similar to Quora or Yahoo Answers. Created in 2023, it is a public community for everyone to share information.